There’s more to shoes than meets the eye

The wrong pair of shoes can negatively impact everything from your balance to your stance, causing foot deformities, increased pressure on joints, bad posture& even chronic pain. The Baer principles were created to offer pain free walking and optimum foot health, allowing you to enjoy relaxed comfort from the very first step.

“Feel Good from Head to Foot” - WITH BAER PRINICIPALS

The Baer Principle of

  • When toes get crushed in narrow toed shoes, they gradually lose their ability to flex, stretch and function properly.

  • Toes are also important sensors that contribute to balance and stability. 100% Toe freedom provides toes with enough room to splay out, improving balance & stability.

The Baer Principle of

  • Wearing heels puts a strain on your knees, lower back and spine, over a period of time. This is because the weight of the body falls on the forefoot, making the knees and the spine work harder.

  • A zero heel shoe allows for a more optimal weight distribution between the heel and the forefoot, relieving pressure on the knees and allowing the spine to stay neutral.

  • In shoes where the heel is higher than the balls of your feet, the calf muscles remain tight, thus closing off blood supply to the lower limbs. A zero heel shoe relaxes calf muscles, thus improving blood flow to the region.

  • Wearing high heels over long periods of time can cause irreversible damage to the Achilles tendon by shortening it. Zero heeled shoes mimic the body’s natural stance and restore the Achilles tendon to it’s natural length.

The Baer Principle of

  • Our flexible soled shoes mimic the body’s natural biomechanics, allowing your foot to roll naturally on each stride, as the weight is transferred from heel, mid foot and onto the the forefoot as your toes push off to take the next step.

  • A thin, flexible sole engages more sensory nerve endings in the soles of the foot, allowing for a more feelsome walking experience. Combined with the Resilience foam footbed, this provides cushioning to protect the joints.