Sustainability at Baer

Leaving a lighter footprint.

From our Solar powered warehouse, to the projects we support, everything is a testament to how deeply sustainability is ingrained in our core values.


From the ethically sourced leather to the natural rubber that goes into making our shoes, every single material we use is natural and ecologically safe. This includes the packaging our shoes are sold in.

“Baer alone will not change the world, but it will do something everyday to improve it.”

Christof Baer, Managing Director

  • Our shipping boxes are protective and sturdy while being recycled and completely recyclable.

  • The sticking tape we use is made entirely from paper with triple thread reinforcement to make it sturdy. It is coated in natural rubber to make it adhesive.

  • The shipping bags some of our smaller products are shipped out in uses a plastic free WaveWrap®, that is both innovative and eco friendly.

  • The filler paper used in our shoe boxes to protect the shoes from the box, is recycled eco friendly paper. We only use as much as need based on the size of the shoe being packed.

  • Each pair of Baer shoes is wrapped in recycled tissue paper before it is placed in the box, protecting the shoes until they reach you.